Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

About 70% of Mumbaiites in the age group of 30 to 40 years are prone to cardiovascular or heart diseases and it is India’ s number 1 killer.

However most of the heart ailments are curable and death can be prevented, however everyone are not fortunate enough to bear the treatment and hospital costs and they just walk away from the hospital to choose a slow painful death.

We at Save My Heart Foundation strive to address issues related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of poor heart patients. Our aim is to create lasting, positive change in lives of fellow brethren who suffer from cardiac (heart) illnesses, act as a catalyst in health care charity and try to connect donor passion with patient’s treatment and heart health education in India.

For this we need your support.

By working with Save My Heart Foundation, you strengthen us in reaching more poor heart patients every day. Your CSR activity would ensure treatment of each heart patients who approach us and avoid premature death of poor heart patients. You could help us in developing sustainable models and augment our scalability.

Many CSR opportunities are made available for the companies who choose to partner with us. Below are a few of them:





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