There are many different tests to find out how your heart is doing or to diagnose a condition.

Here we explain what some of the more common tests are for, what happens during them, and tell you where you can find out more.

What to expect?

Some of the tests involve high-tech equipment with lots of machines, wires and computer screens, which may feel very impersonal. These range from physical assessments to MRI scans.

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous if you’re sent for a test, so knowing what to expect may help you feel more at ease.

A healthcare professional can explain these tests to you as well. If you feel uneasy, remember that it often helps to get fears out into the open, so tell the people doing the tests how you feel. They can then explain things to you again and try to reassure you.

It can also help if your partner, relative or friend goes along with you for support during or after the test. For some tests they may be able to sit with you, but for others they will have to wait outside or in the hospital. And, if you speak to the doctor after the test, it’s good to have someone by your side who can help understand and reassure you.