Goals of Aarogyam Hriday Sampada

  • To reduce the instances of deaths and physical disabilities due to heart diseases through public education
  • To improve prevention, early detection, appropriate treatment and measures against risk factors causing the diseases.
  • To bring about improvements in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic heart diseases

  Cardio Assist Programme

A Special Programme for Heart Health Care of the elderly citizens. The Cardio Assist Programme consists of a stress ECG to diagnose the condition of your heart, and a detailed consultation with our expert doctors to understand your treatment options.

We are currently offering 1 lakh free Cardio Assist packages for all senior citizens (above 58 years of age).

OFFER for Citizen 58 Yrs & Above

Stress ECG + Consultation —– MRP
Rs. 1950/-
Offer Cost —– FREE

– This offer is valid only for individuals 58 years & above
– Patients need to bring a photo copy of valid age proof to avail the offer.
– As per doctor’s advice. Please bring your old medical reports.

  Get Appointment

For Queries and Appointment for Free Stress ECG
Give a Miss call on below numbers on region you are located.

  • Central Mumbai Region : 022-3349-2001
  • Western Mumbai Region: 022-3349-2002
  • Pune Region: 022-3349-2003
  • Konkan & Western Maharashtra Region: 022-3349-2004
  • Marathwada Region: 022-3349-2005
  • Vidarbha Region: 022-3349-2006

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