Man and nature are inseparably connected. For good health man must go to the nature. Today’s competitive urban life on the contrary, is increasingly pulling us away from the nature and keeping us there. The health picnics are a way out.

The hospitals of Madhavbaug are consciously built in natural surroundings. The patients participating in health picnics are brought to Madhavbaug hospital by a bus. There, along with recreational activities like fun and games, competitions, singing, they get to listen to lectures about health and other health related activities like CPR training (emergency treatment to be administered by the nearest person to the patient in case of a heart attack), visit to different departments of Madhavbaug hospital, demonstrations and lectures about diet etc are arranged for them.

The health picnics go a long way in educating the people about how to avoid diseases rather than getting treatment after they attack. The event involving recreation and education in a scenic natural setting away from the daily urban hubbub is very popular.