There is a saying in Sanskrit meaning he who walks, his luck starts working for him. Our culture has thus extolled the virtue of walking. Unfortunately, our lifestyle is getting increasingly sedentary lately. Even modern medicine lays stress on everyone walking everyday for good health.

In the case of heart patients it is now a proven fact that if they walk for 30 minutes every morning before sunrise on empty stomach, the efficiency of their heart increases. In order to promote the habit of walking every day, the idea of Walkathon has been promoted. In this, we have medical checkup of the patients done and then they are asked to participate in competitions like walking certain distance in certain time etc.

Apart from this expert medical practitioners offer them guidance on various health aspects. Then there is sharing of experiences among the patients and finally they are served a healthy breakfast. A program of this nature, conducted at Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai was very well received by heart patients, ordinary citizens and the media.