rsDr. Rohit M. Sane
Trustee – vaidya Sane Trust

Arogyam Hriday Sampdada…

First step of the elderly towards a Healthy Heart!

“Rugna Devo Bhava” – Patient is God! We shall continue the tradition…


Late Vaidya Madhav Sane, was a renowned Ayurveda practitioner. Accurate diagnosis and correct medication were his priorities. Using his immensely vast experience gathered through a practice spanning 50 years, unparalleled nadipareeksha (diagnosis by pulse reading) and acute contemplative intellect he treated innumerable patients successfully. This is the golden jubilee year of his practice. Vaidya Sane Trust and Madhavbaug, the institutions inspired by him have decided to celebrate this golden moment in a unique fashion. It is decided in this golden jubilee year, we would launch a novel health movement called Arogyam Hriday Sampada. The movement would consist of 6,000 activities through which contact three lakh senior citizens to create heart health consciousness in them.

Today, the various inventions and innovations in different treatments have helped increase the life expectancy or life span of the people. India being the second most populous country, quite naturally the number of senior citizens in it is also growing in a greater proportion. The communicable and viral diseases do not claim as many lives today as they did earlier, however the number of people succumbing to diseases like the heart disease which are primarily an outcome of incorrect lifestyle is growing.

Also, though the life span (quantity of life) has increased, the number of people lacking in efficiency and happiness (quality of life) is alarmingly high in the society. Besides, most of these people fall in the category ‘Senior Citizens’. Naturally, the main challenge facing this section of the population is not just to live longer but to lead an active, happy life free from trips to hospital.

Vaidya Sane Trust, FESCOM and several other senior citizens’ associations are working together to take up this challenge. The best way to tackle any danger is to be prepared to face it before its advent. Appropriate and correct health checkup can reveal whether or not a person is likely to have heart disease. Once this vulnerability is known, it is possible to take appropriate care in that respect.

Vaidya Sane Trust and Madhavbaug, as a part of the Arogyam Hriday Sampada program, would administer the Stress ECG test under the guidance of expert doctors to one lakh needy senior citizens and it would completely free of charge to them. After undergoing the test, those who are found to have no imminent danger of heart disease can adopt a correct lifestyle so as to keep their heart efficiency intact, while those found to be in the danger zone can go for appropriate treatment as well as lifestyle changes so as to remain healthy.

A health movement where the government, volunteer organizations like FESCOM and the common public worked together was the need of the hour and Arogyam Hriday Sampada fulfills that need. I earnestly appeal every senior citizen to participate in this movement and benefit from it.

Dr. Rohit Sane