Just as the bitter medicines are administered in sugar coated pills, information related to health is more effective when given in a recreational way rather than serious lectures. With this realization, a novel show called Dil Ki Baat was conceived. Dr. Yash Velankar is the creator and executor of this audio-visual show. There is a lot of ignorance, misinformation, misconception and apprehension about heart disease in the mind of ordinary people.

Dil Ki Baat has been created based on incidents that take place in an ordinary family after one of them is diagnosed with heart disease. Well known actors like Vijay Gokhale, Ravi Patwardhan et al have made the scenes memorable with their acting talent. These scenes are shown on the screen with the help of a projector and between two scenes Dr. Yash Velankar does an interesting and informative commentary on them.

The show has been greatly successful in alleviating the fear about heart disease from the minds of the people and has helped greatly in instilling in them the idea of a correct lifestyle. Till now the show has been presented in many towns.