The term heart disease itself demoralizes the patients. He instantly gets depressed with the thoughts of death. In such a condition he is even unable to respond positively to the treatment. It is therefore imperative that he is helped come out of the negative mental state. With this objective, the Sports Day activity was started. In it, we invited the patients to an open ground and after appropriate medical tests, they were asked to participate in simple games like spoon and lemon race, putting ball in a bucket etc.

We found them enjoying these simple childhood games once again after so many years. Once on the ground they played spiritedly and for a win. We even found that the patients complaining exhaustion after walking a few steps once they were diagnosed with heart disease, played with great enthusiasm. The winners were given awards and all the participants were given certificates.

Some of the patients shared their thoughts after the event. All of them returned home happily and with a confidence that if they can still play on the ground, it means they are able to live a normal life.